Hey there!

I can solve your product strategy, product discovery or product design challenges. My main focus throughout my 16 year career has been helping businesses and teams answer three main questions- 

  • Do you understand your user’s behaviors and beliefs?
  • Are you going after the right problem?
  • Does the design help you create a business moat? 

Depending on the scope of the project, I can work independently, bring my own team or be embedded within your team. Book an introductory 20 minute discovery call with me.


Product Strategy

What product should you build and why?

  • Customer and internal stakeholder interviews
  • Journey mapping that includes findings like what your user needs to get their jobs done, their pain points and wishlists
  • Funnel analysis of your product
  • Competitive analysis
Product Discovery

Are you building the right solution for your customers?

  • Hypothesis driven user testing
  • Market and opportunity sizing
  • Define the minimum viable product (MVP) that’s useful and usable for your users and feasible for your engineering team to build
Product Design

How should your product behave, feel and look?

  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design including user flows, prototypes and behavioral specifications
  • Interface design includes screen mock-ups, screen states and design system for future use 

Customized packages can be discussed based on your business needs. I can provide an estimate based on a 20 minute discovery call.


I believe in a “user first” culture as opposed to a “design driven” culture. This is because if you obsess over your users and work backward from their behaviors and beliefs, your competition won’t be able to replicate what you do. On the other hand, the UI and the UX of your product can be replicated by your competitors eventually. It doesn’t give you a true and robust business moat.

The root cause of product design problems lie beyond the user interface and user experience of your product. To become a true “user-first” company, you need to re-think your process and environment. These are broad, long-term problems that require commitment at all levels of an organization. Only then a transformation to become a “user first”,  design-driven organization can be achieved. 

I’m open to long term transformation opportunities wherein I bring a team of professionals to work with you. Book a discovery call with me  if you are a founder or a leader looking for an experience transformation or set up your organization to be “user first” from the get- go. 


This is a general list of design areas or activities that are included.

design scope poster by Rishi Bhilawadikar

WHY I Design?

I believe in technology being an enabler for a more fulfilling life. Practically however, it can confound and confuse many doing exactly the opposite of what it was created for. Humanizing technology so that it gets out of the way and lets people do what they need to do or what they previously couldn’t, is what led me to into design.

How I Design?

I have a few tenets for my process that I abide by or remind myself of:

  • Design is a tool- don’t be married to the process it is only a means to an end.
  • Think long-term it is always better than short term fixes because both errors and benefits compound
  • Simple is the desired end state and it is extremely hard to achieve
  • Customer expectations are constantly evolving- focus on the invariants, constantly invent and reinvent.
  • All ideas have categories and market caps or sizes, figure out the bounds within which your idea lies
  • The real “discipline” of design is to always remain customer centered
  • The reality is never apparent. Quantitative data works in conjunction with qualitative data
  • Execution and timing can make or break the product

My mission is to exceed user expectations and deliver the best possible business value on every project.

I’m obsessed with bringing a human centered mindset to defining a problem; and a lean, experimental approach to finding the right solutions.

What is it like to work with me?

I have taken a variety of personality tests. I’m somewhere in between INTJ and ENFJ, T-Shaped and Libra. My top Strength Finder 2.0 themes are- Intellection, Ideation, Input, Responsibitly and Adaptability.

My chief strengths are strategy, ideation, research, synthesis and critique. My leadership style ranges from autocratic to laissez faire. I choose my style based on this decision-making matrix, which I’ve found very practical.

I have created a list of instructions of how I operate to improve communication and transparency with my teammates, reports and stakeholders. Check them out- Rishi’s Operating Instructions.

Finally, my last name is pronounced B-Love-D-Curr. That makes it impossible to forget, not pronounce. Thanks for stopping by, here’s a little gift that’ll make you smile.