Hey there!

I have been a designer for the past 12 years, working with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Gap Inc, Walmart Global e-Commerce and SAP contributing with my design expertise in launching products that have been used by millions of people. I am currently working as a Senior UX Designer for Alexa shopping where I focus on voice and multi-modal experiences.

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I’m also an entrepreneur and filmmaker, with my first feature film “For Here or To Go? streaming on Netflix. Critics called it “Modern Day Catch-22” (Chicago Daily Herald), “Welcome counterpart to HBO’s Silicon Valley” (Fort Worth Star Telegram)  and “Prescient” (Variety). With no prior background or training in filmmaking, I leveraged my design skills to write the screenplay and produce the film. In the process, I lead a team of over 600 people across two countries in delivering a $2M+ product from idea to marketing and distribution.

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WHY I Design?

I believe in technology being an enabler for a more fulfilling life. Practically however, it can confound and confuse many doing exactly the opposite of what it was created for. Humanizing technology so that it gets out of the way and lets people do what they need to do or what they previously couldn’t, is what led me to into design.

How I Design?

I have a few tenets for my process that I abide by or remind myself of:

  • Design is a tool- don’t be married to the process it is only a means to an end.
  • Think long-term it is always better than short term fixes because both errors and benefits compound
  • Simple is the desired end state and it is extremely hard to achieve
  • Customer expectations are constantly evolving- focus on the invariants, constantly invent and reinvent.
  • All ideas have categories and market caps or sizes, figure out the bounds within which your idea lies
  • The real “discipline” of design is to always remain customer centered
  • The reality is never apparent. Quantitative data works in conjunction with qualitative data
  • Execution and timing can make or break the product

My mission is to exceed user expectations and deliver the best possible business value on every project.

I’m obsessed with bringing a human centered mindset to defining a problem; and a lean, experimental approach to finding the right solutions.

What is it like to work with me?

I have taken a variety of personality tests. I’m somewhere in between INTJ and ENFJ, T-Shaped and Libra. My top Strength Finder 2.0 themes are- Intellection, Ideation, Input, Responsibitly and Adaptability.

My chief strengths are strategy, ideation, research, synthesis and critique. My leadership style ranges from autocratic to laissez faire. I choose my style based on this decision-making matrix, which I’ve found very practical.

I have created a list of instructions of how I operate to improve communication and transparency with my teammates, reports and stakeholders. Check them out- Rishi’s Operating Instructions.

Finally, my last name is pronounced B-Love-D-Curr. That makes it impossible to forget, not pronounce. Thanks for stopping by, here’s a little gift that’ll make you smile.